Shannon Wells

Director of Business Development, Wells Insurance

There isn't enough space here to describe Shannon: from office admin., strategic planning, training, tech support, creative business/marketing ventures, keeping her husband Kevin healthy, fed & happy, to mom duties for their two little girls at any given time - why not throw in field trip helper, soccer coach and hockey convenor to keep things interesting! You may catch her on the phone but mostly, she's lurking in the background ensuring that everything runs smoothly & efficiently. With a background in IM/IT, Shannon brings a wealth of varied experience to our team. Registered Insurance Broker and problem solver extraordinaire, Shannon also comes backed with many, many years of happy human skills. Some may argue (except for Kevin) that she is "the REAL Boss".

Ice breaker: Shannon is an outdoorsy, ‘fit-chick’. Personal Trainer, Spin & TRX certified, has competed in bodybuilding competitions, loves kickboxing, and started playing women’s hockey in 2014.

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